TaeKwon-Do ITF
World Cup 2024



The competition rules are the “Official ITF Rules of Competition – Version 2022v3″: https://itftkd.sport/rules/



All competitors must use official and approved protective gear and clothing, as indicated in the ITF regulations and the brands and models endorsed by the Federation. You can consult it in the regulations and the ITF website, https://itftkd.sport.
Appendixes 2 and 8 of the regulations.

All sparring competitors must have full protection, headgear, hand and feet safety equipment all in red and blue colour, according to the draw.



At least one week before the event starts a verification and weigh-in schedule will be published.
All Pre-Junior and Junior competitors must attend the verification and weigh-in on October 27th, 2024 at Teatro Municipal Colón de Mar del Plata located at Hipólito Yrigoyen 1665, at a time to be determined.

All Adult, Senior and Veteran competitors must attend the verification and weigh-in on October 29th, 2024 at the competition hall.
They should bring their competition ID-card (provided during prior accreditation), a valid identification document (passport, or national identity document) and the Declaration of Consent and Data Protection Form.

All competitors must be present at the weigh-in, regardless of the discipline in which they compete.
Competitors must attend the weigh-in wearing ITF-approved dobok pants and a shirt.
Competitors who do not make weight on the first attempt will have one (1) hour to come back for a second and final attempt.

If they do not make weight on the second attempt, they will be eliminated from the sparring competition category without the possibility of moving to another category.
(see “Official ITF Rules of Competition – Version 2022v3”)